Other Takeaways From His AMA: The Rock Wants To Take Down The Expendables



Who would have thought back in 2001 that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would not only defy the fate of most wrestlers turned actors, but he’d turn out to one of the biggest franchise players ever! The man who has been dubbed as “franchise Viagra” brought both the Fast And Furious and G.I. Joe franchises new life once he stepped into their ring. Paramount and MGM, knowing full well to strike while the iron is hot, are gambling on Johnson’s star power with this weekend’s Hercules, and as such it was as good a time as any for his rockiness to address his loyal legion of fans. Here now are five important facts we learned about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his insightful AMA.

“do it twice.” His only change the next time around? The presence of one of his legendary cheat meals once a week! (By the way, his favorite cheat meal consists of “pizza (double dough), pancakes and peanut butter brownies. And for good measure I throw in a diet coke!” Speaking of Hercules, a very special supporter of Johnson’s stopped in to give him a hefty vote of confidence!

Dwayne Johnson Is Friends With Arnold Schwarzenegger After being prompted to answer if Conan The Barbarian or Hercules would win in a fight, none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up in the thread. As if Dwayne Johnson weren’t awesome enough on his own, he turns out to be good friends with the former governor of California/recently reinstated Terminator star who previously held the role of Hercules in 1969’s Hercules In New York. Schwarzenegger not only sang the praises of his good friend Mr. Johnson, but he also pitched future collaboration between the two. Not to mention, he also slyly dropped a reference to the very classic character that had been previously referenced in conversation.

“I would love to do a movie with Dwayne – the Oak and the Rock – it couldn’t be more perfect. Anyway, congratulations Dwayne. The movie looks fantastic and I can tell you know what’s best in life. Let’s get together soon and share sword stories.”

Johnson responded with a very understated response of “Awesome, look forward to swappin’ sword stories.” So even if the Expendables option is taken off the table, we could end up with an awesome team up flick that puts these two together as a team, or even as a pair of rivals. Honestly, it could work either way. The point is, the intent is there, so now all that’s needed is the scheduling and the internet reaction to spur the actual production process on. Anybody know if John McTiernan is busy at the moment?

consistently. Most notably, while talking about how 7 Dollar Productions is supposedly putting together a “Rock One Man Show” for next year, he mentioned that the show would encompass the following.

Comedy, singing (w/ my Willie guitar of course), stories and anecdotes, audience interaction and how to rock a fanny pack without looking too much like a buff lesbian.

Some people just can’t let the 90’s go gracefully, though to be fair Dwayne Johnson should call The Lonely Island gang and see if it’s not too late to shoot a video with them for Turtleneck And Chain. Surprisingly enough, the fanny pack got more love than DC Comics, as the questions pertaining to his rumored role as Shazam were limited to one instance that he did not address.

While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s AMA was a lot of fun to read through, it wasn’t particularly in depth. Keep in mind, this was the same day that Jeff Bridges conducted an AMA, and his was incredibly in depth and insightful into all things career and life related. Still, the fact remains that Johnson knows how to interact with his fans. He can joke around, as well as give solid training advice, and he’s by no means a blowhard when it comes to his own career. For the past 13 years of activity, The Rock has earned his place in Hollywood, and he’s done so with a talent for the business that eludes even those who spend their entire professional lives among its trappings. Hercules opens in theaters late tonight, and while it will more than likely get savaged by the critics, it looks like the type of damned fun movie Dwayne Johnson excels at.

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