Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Smith Dubbed As ‘Brat’ For Allegedly “Barking At Cast Members To Fetch Drinks” & More Rude Behaviour

ada Pinkett and Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith allegedly dubbed a brat because of her behaviour towards the staff. More often than not, celebrities get the title of being rude and whatnot. Several fans have even shared such encounters with their idols. From how they behave on sets, with fans, at other public places, and more.

A few A-listers have even found themselves being banned from a few places because of it. The most recent example of it is the controversy around James Corden. The talk show host was banned from a restaurant in New York after the owner revealed two separate incidents of rude behaviour.

However, this is not the first time that Willow Smith has been called out over her alleged rude behaviour. Many more reports have come in that claim Will Smith’s daughter is a brat. The talks have even reached the Whip My Hair singer once. Willow addressed how she was called a brat over her anxiety.

The singer said that she was “brainwashed into thinking, ‘No, you’re being a brat, suck it up” after she rose to immense fame and became anxious. However, she has realised that it is something that she needs to deal with it.

While Willow Smith is making the news over her alleged rude behaviour, her father, Will Smith has hit the headlines with his own set of controversies. The most recent one was the Oscars scandal, where he slapped Chris Rock.

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