The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Taught Football To Ramos & David De Gea

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos to bring down former Barcelona striker Lionel Messi.


However, Messi escaped Ramos’ wicked tackle attempt and scored a forehand goal. After scoring the goal, the Argentine turned and looked at his PSG teammate Ramos before


exchanging some comments and continuing the training session. The video of the incident went viral.


The years-long rivalry between Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos has turned into forced


camaraderie after they joined French club Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer last summer. A PS video.


But with the new season now on the horizon, a report from The Daily Mail has noted that United’s patience is being “tested” when it


comes to the uncertainty surrounding Ronaldo and Ten Hag still doesn’t know when – or if – in fact, he can call on the services of last season’s


top scorer. Although United has accepted the explanation for his talisman’s absence, the veteran has now missed three weeks of training

and is likely a little behind the rest of Ten Hag’s. Equipment related to fitness and sharpness.

Ronaldo has also not worked with Ten Hag or his teammates since the Dutchman started

working at Old Trafford earlier this summer. Ronaldo may miss the Club of the Season opening game. make a surprise move to Atlético Madrid possible. The Spanish team is reportedly


interested in a deal for Ronaldo despite having played for their bitter rivals Real Madrid for almost a decade.


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