RAMBO 6 (VI) Teaser 2023

RAMBO 6 (VI) Teaser 2023
Stallone stated Rambo 6’s story would see him reconnect with his Native American family and roots. The actor has a history of declaring himself done with a series or a character, as he did for Rocky 5, 6 and Creed, only to return once more. He said the same with Rambo following the fourth movie, but while there’s always a slight chance Rambo 6 could happen, it’s not currently on the cards….

Rambo 6 would likely be a smaller movie too, as Last Blood – would was produced for around $50 million – failed to gross over $100 million worldwide and suffered generally lukewarm reviews. At one stage, Stallone was in talks with David Morrell, the author who created the Rambo character with the First Blood novel, about a screenplay for the fifth movie that would be a “soulful” end for the character as he reflected on his life and the many battles he was part of. A Rambo 6 with the character hiding out on a reservation and reflecting on his past could be a good hook, but the odds of it happening currently look slim………………….

Rambo from 2008 was the fourth film in the saga and arrived 20 years on from Rambo III. While Rambo was a dark, gruellingly violent war movie set in Burma, it ended with a glimmer of hope for the character. After decades in self-imposed exile, Rambo returned to his father’s farm in America and was ready to put the past behind him.

Rambo: Last Blood finds him still on this farm, though his father had passed away. The story sees him head to Mexico to save his surrogate daughter from human traffickers, and they awaken in him all the dormant rage and trauma he’s been suppressing. Last Blood was billed as the final installment, though it was largely greeted with disappointment. While it featured some creative bloodshed, it felt more like Taken than a Rambo sequel. The movie ended on something of an ambiguous note, with the wounded Rambo riding off on his horse after wiping out the hit squad that came to his ranch.

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