RAMBO 6 “Strength” Teaser #4 [HD] Sylvester Stallone, John Bernthal | Rambo Jr

RAMBO 6 “Strength” Teaser #4 [HD] Sylvester Stallone, John Bernthal | Rambo Jr (Fan Made) I was excited making teaser 4 after the success of teaser 3 being the most viewed in the channel. So I was inspired to make teaser 4 specially for Rambo Trailer 4. Being offered the chance to create another Rambo dream trailer is a joy for me as a major lover of the character. To make this as realistic as possible, Sly has a new movie out called SAMARITAN. This version’s music is different from previous ones in that I chose to use music from THE SUIC1DE SQUAD’s trailer rather than “Old Town Road” this time around.

Rambo needs an excuse to visit New York for the Purge as the last time we saw him was at home. The Purge is then introduced; I made Rambo to learn about it in the TV. I created a brand-new bespoke phrase sequence with a nice red cloud effect as a fresh touch. I enjoyed making a teaser for the full version without showing too much. I thought this teaser was great on its own and worth the watch!

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