Pedri chance vs Bayern Munich

Alonso towers over a crowd of players to head for the far post, but Neuer crosses to deal with him and he does it with ease! de Jong, but Kimmich shoots from behind at a Barça corner before the substitute can shoot. Away from the gate, into the grandstand! 90′ + 1′ We have three minutes of overtime to complete this game.90′ CHANCE!!! Kunde’s shot is thrown forward by Lewandowski and Torres runs to catch the ball.

He lunges for the goal, but Hernández saves him and cuts the ball to nobody. What a shot!!!88′ Bayern takes the lead at half-time and Tel crosses from the right, but De Jong doesn’t use the ball and deflects the ball to a corner.87′ FRANCO!!! Mazraoui doesn’t react properly to Dembélé’s ball and Fati runs to the other side of the box. He can’t find a place to shoot, but Torres manages it by taking a low shot that misses just a bit.

To the second post! 86′ De Jong’s ball from above is received by Fati who tries to control it with his chest but Mazraoui gets past before the second ball and Upamecano clears again! 84′ Upamecano tries to take the lead after a back pass from Gravenberch, but Lewandowski cuts it in the last few minutes and is awarded a free kick in Barça field. Ball and Barça survive.

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