Messi vs Neymar juggling the ball

Hello and welcome here to talk FCV and what a game that was end-to-end stuff so many chances in favor of Barca but we had to work hard today was a real battle against LJ but it’s another one yet another one where we’ve come out on top busser two LJ one with fed and Torres climbing off the bench to get the equalizing goal and Memphis to pay to strike the winner we are gonna be talking about all of those basta chances and everything that went down in today’s game.

so let’s get to it and before we do get into the match review what I would invite you guys to do today is actually go and submit your man of the match from today’s game I’m going to be doing this hereafter every base game you have there 12 hours to tell me who is the best player from lc against basser and indeed thereby downloading the sporting app using the link in the description below you will also be helping to support the channel and I really do appreciate that guys.

but this right here was how Chaffey lined up away at LJ Danny Elvis came in to replace Sergio dest at right-back Frankie Young returned to the starting lineup in midfield and it was gabby there who played on the left of the front three with Ferran Torres on the bench but of course, he would have his impact.

later in the game and I thought Barcelona throughout that first half did create a few sorts of half chances we were sort of threatening el chey but not really getting on top of the game not really dominating you can see here great crossfield ball from pk Dembele looking to link up with aubameyang but unfortunately that move doesn’t quite come off, in the end, Jordi alba had a volley towards goal which just tested the goalkeeper a little bit but of course, the big chance came 25 minutes into the game of Bamiyan and

GOAAAALLL – PSG 5-1 LORIENT – Never in doubt, was it? Neymar grabs his second of the evening, and despite a slow start to the second half, PSG has run riot on home soil. Mbappe…who else? Was the man that grabbed the assist as he slotted his pass into the channel, allowing Neymar to race towards goal. He showed tremendous composure, and PSG get their fifth goal at the end!

PSG are now 12 points clear at the top of the table, and Pochettino’s men will get the chance to push on when they travel to Clermont coming weekend, while Lorient will face Saint-Etienne on home soil.
PSG brio back from their defeat to Monaco in style, as they score five once Lorient in their first game back after the transnational break. Mbappe was the star of the show, but Neymar’s two pretensions also helped them on their way. It was the Brazilian who opened the scoring, while Pochettino’s side was 2-0 up at the break, thanks to Mbappe’s important drive. Lorient managed to pull a thing back after a bettered performance at the launch of the alternate half, but Moffi’s strike was nothing but a consolation after further pretensions from Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar. PSG’s world-class frontal three ran the show in the end, and they merited all three points.

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