Men In Black 5 Trailer 2023 – Everything We Know So Far About The Next Men In Black Film!


We were first introduced to the franchise of Men in Black back in 1997. In the OG film, which was

directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones appear as agents of a top-secret

government agency that was responsible for tracking and investigating extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

This iconic duo immediately got the audience hooked on the plot and action in the movie, and it turned

out to be a greater success than anyone could have imagined. As a result, we eventually got Men in Black

2, which was released in 2002, and later on, Men in Black 3, which was released in 2012. Will and

Tommy were legendary throughout the franchise, and fans loved them. Then we got new lead actors in

Men in Black: International which was released in 2019. With their dynamic pairing, Chris Hemsworth

and Tessa Thompson added five stars to the incredible franchise.

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