Mbappe spends a huge money to buy Ronaldo’s beloved jet

Mbappe spends a huge money to buy Ronaldo’s beloved jet

Kylian Mbappe will most likely get back the Gulfstream G200 jet that Cristiano Ronaldo used for eight years. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to sell his jet.

He has been selling it for many months and according to Correio da Manha, CR7 recently found a buyer. It was Kylian Mbappé who always considered him an idol.

This model was bought by the Portuguese player in 2015 and Ronaldo often uses it on family vacations.

This is also the plane that took Ronaldo from Turin to Manchester in the 2021 transfer window. This plane can carry 8 to 10 people and is called CR7 in Portuguese.


It can reach a speed of 901 km/h and has a number of superior features. Since July 2022 he wants to sell his plane.

But the price that CR7 offers is not at all pleasant.According to Correio da Manha, after many adjustments, Ronaldo was able to convince customers to buy, with Mbappe being the surname.

The selling price has not been announced, but should be between 12 and 16 million euros. Mbappe CR7 idol for a long time.


When I was a gamer kid, I would show photos of Ronaldo scattered around the room. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Mbappe urged him to buy his idol’s plane.However, this model has become “tight” compared to Ronaldo’s needs.

The Gulfstream G200’s capacity is only about 10 passengers, making it insufficient to serve Ronaldo’s family of 6. Ronaldo is selling the plane simply because he rarely uses it.

Because at the moment he is more satisfied with the Gulfstream G650.

This plane costs 64.$5 million, seats 18 passengers, has a top speed of 956 km/h. With a larger space, it is more convenient for Ronaldo and his girlfriend and children to live in 4 separate areas, including sleeping, working, eating and relaxing.

Ronaldo also frequently uses this model on his return trips to Portugal.

When not in use. Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200 is often rented for $6,000 to $10,000 an hour. This Gulfstream G200 system includes documentaries and videos summarizing Ronaldo’s greatest goals. The Gulfstream G200 is a rather rare aircraft model with only 250 units produced worldwide between 1997 and 2011.

Ronaldo’s aircraft was manufactured in 2006 with serial number 145, from 2019 it was revised. The plane is like a small house in the air with all the comforts. On the plane, Ronaldo also has a closet where he can store his designer clothes.

In addition, there is WiFi, telephone, fax machine, electric stove, microwave, refrigerator and entertainment. System .

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