Jackie Chan Predicted It… Jaden Smith, From The Promising Boy In Karate Kid To The Current Polemic (Video)

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is one of the most famous actor children to break into Hollywood at a very young age. Remember the little boy who we saw in “In search of happiness”, “The life of a palace”, “Men in Black 2”,

in a cameo where he was still only 4 years old and in many other productions which have propelled his promising career. When you have Will Smith and Jade Pinkett as parents, you can only shine.

But it must be said, the child prodigy was still able to demonstrate what he was capable of using his own resources. Indeed, if there is a film production that still continues to speak of the talent of the young actor, it is Karate Kid, the film that made him not only a young star full of talent, but also a martial artist. promising.

In this film, released in 2010, which he co-stars with Jackie Chan, we discovered an outstanding kung fu player who had everything to succeed in this art. But, did Will Smith’s son continue on this path? This is what we will find out together today!

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