Cristiano Ronaldo vs Liverpool 2022 HD

It all started when Ronaldo mentioned to his teammates that he was unhappy with his club’s lack of support amid allegations of tax evasion by the Spanish authorities. Real Madrid had made a statement that they believed in Ronaldo. could prove his innocence. That was nothing compared to Barca’s support for Messi and Neymar when those players faced similar

accusations. In any case, this raised doubts about Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid. It’s also true that Ronaldo openly criticized the Madrid fans for booing him and compared him to the English fans.

In the interview, he mentioned that the mentality was different there. All of this together led to all the questions. Moreover, Ronaldo has never clearly stated to the club or the media what his exact plans were. We all know Ronaldo as a world-class player. soccer player. We also know that he rose to fame at his former club, Manchester United.

Gary Neville reveals the moment the player became a world-class footballer at the English club. The Portuguese striker underwent a total transformation after a mixture of many things including a run-in with a former teammate, the treatment he received from the media, and his physical transformation! Ahead of Real Madrid and Manchester United’s Super Cup clash, MUFC legend Gary Neville recalled the memorable moment when Ronaldo “completely transformed” from a scrawny teenager to an international footballer Old Trafford had made a name for himself as the world’s most expensive player after being bought in the summer of 2009 by the Spanish giants he is currently linked with.

Neville often played behind Ronaldo on United’s right side and admits the Portuguese’s potential was unclear at the time.

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