Chelsea vs Manchester United: EPL Match

The season 2022-23 is already started and there are many unexpected things going on. Football fans all around the world are happy to watch their favorite players in action.

On the other hand, some controversies are also being highlighted in the news and social media. According to some news reports, PSG’s dressing room has been in serious condition because of trash talk between Neymar and Mbappe.

In the Premier League this season, Manchester United has lost their control on the field and their poor performance in the two starting games of the season made fans angry.

Cristiano Ronaldo was looking forward to leaving the team because he wants to play in the Champions League which is not possible while staying in Manchester United. He is not going through good circumstances these days as he received a caution from the police for allegedly slapping a boy’s phone from his hand.

This is some sort of warning by the police that indicates any serious case in the future for this behavior. The Portuguese forward is in depression due to the poor performance of Manchester United in the last and current season.

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