Black Adam vs Superman Is Going To Be Much More Than Just ‘One Fight’ Situation, Confirms Producer: “Fans Want To Feel A Journey Between These Guys…”

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman will have more than just one

fight, says the upcoming film’s producer. The DC flick is just a day away from its release (releases

today in India), and the buzz around it is as high as it could be. The much-awaited debut of

The Rock into the DCEU recently hit the headlines after its Rotten Tomatoes score came in.

The movie received a rating as low as 54%, which is lower than Man of Steel, Wonder

Woman 1984 and more. This makes Johnson’s movie one of the weakest entries in DC.

However, while it received low ratings, it has also received high praise from a lot of people who already watched it.

Coming back to the point, it was confirmed that the Dwayne Johnson starrer has cameo of

Henry Cavill’s superhero. Now, the producer of the film, Hiram Garcia, has spoken about how

the fight between Black Adam and Superman will be planned as a long-form story rather than

a one-off. While speaking with CinemaBlend, the producer said, “It’s never been about a one-off or just about a fight.”

“No, it’s about so much more than that. We really want to craft a long form of storytelling

and show that these two characters exist in the same universe and are going to have to deal

with each other often, either on the same or opposite sides,” the Black Adam producer

added. He teased that Dwayne Johnson’s character and Henry Cavill’s Superman will

clash in more than one fight. “Hopefully they’re going to clash at some point, but it’s not just about a ‘one fight’ situation,” Garcia said.

“That was never our dream. That does not reward the fans. Fans want to feel a journey

between these guys knowing that these guys exist in the same universe,” he added.

Previously news came in that Cavill’s Man of Steel 2 is happening.

It was said that Warner Bros have already locked in a producer and are now eyeing a few

directors to help Henry Cavill’s Superman return. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam from tomorrow onwards.

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