An excellent save from David De Gea denies Kurt Zouma

An excellent save from David De Gea denies Kurt Zouma
Football has became identical with the names of Portuguese star striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine magician Lionel Messi and they have ruled the roost for about a decade now. However, their time of domination may be closer than most people expect.

The football world is still looking for Ronaldo’s and Messi’s successors, but it is may be time that they speed it up because one of the two starts has already sent out a secret message about his retirement.

The Juventus striker has told Sports Champic that he doesn’t know what he will do after his contract with Turin giants runs out in 2022.


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“I still love football,” Ronaldo said after a year which has seen him get bigger his business benefit. “I Love to entertain the fans and the people who love Cristiano. It doesn’t matter the age, it’s all about state of mind.”

He continued “The last five years I start to like this process of seeing me outside of football. So who knows what will happen in the next year or two?”

Ronaldo was recently chosen for the best award in the Player of the Year category but Messi won the award after a victorious last season.

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