VENOM 3: Anti-Venom unleashed – trailer #2 | Marvel Studios


Keep going and it’s a matter of time before the movie becomes a reality.

We will probably see her in Phase 4 of Marvel, but at the moment there are many unknowns around her. But money rules and the previous two installments were big box office successes, so it will simply be a matter of finding a proposal that fits both Disney and the character.

The main unknown, since it seems that Disney is having a hard time finding an approach to the film that can maintain its orientation for an adult audience but also fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Finally, the one chosen to direct ‘Deadpool 3′ is Shawn Levy, a filmmaker who has become Reynolds’ new right-hand man, since they collaborated for the first time on ‘Free Guy’, they were slow to repeat with ‘The Adam Project’ and now they do it again.


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